From generation to generation, in full respect for a valuable heritage


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In Crissier, from Philippe ROCHAT to Benoît Violier

Brigitte and Benoît

The quest is never-ending.
I was given this mission by Mr Girardet, my master, and I am passing it on to Benoît. We are the brothers of three consecutive generations. We are the offspring of the ultimate in high standards.
Handing over.
The transmission of trust.
Pursuing tradition with new inventions every day.

The Hotel de Ville Restaurant in Crissier

Michel and Lazare

And, behind the scenes, the wish is constant: to offer the most selective palates the miracle they expect.
It is not enough to say it, you have to do it.
A thousand times a day.
Perfection must be visible in every dish.
As well as beauty.

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