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Philippe ROCHAT

Philippe ROCHAT, a 3-star Chef


It is not enough just to look, you also have to be able to see.
I have always said this, because it suggests that we do not always understand what lies beneath the surface.
The truth of life often appears abstract.
But, when you work with people, a team, products, animals which have given the very best they have to offer, it is your duty to understand.
To pay tribute.
I admire nature, without which we would not be here.
I admire those who demand the very highest quality, the impossible, which, despite everything, is within our reach.


What other profession is able to bring together the earth and the stars?

I never would have turned my back on my roots, but I have brought the sky closer.

Frédy and Benoît would also say: “When you have real roots, you are no longer afraid of real stars”.


I have doubts every day.
All the time.
But, apart from this anxiety, which sometimes is only very slight, I know that my target is to achieve the goal that has been set, and that it is the most personal and least spectacular endurance challenge there is (…).
I believe that I am a person who keeps his word.
The quest is never-ending.
I was given this mission by Mr Girardet, my master, and I am passing it on to Benoît.
We are the brothers of three consecutive generations.
We are the offspring of the ultimate in high standards.