The rigour of a 3-star Chef

Patience and virtuosity More photos

A Michelin 3-star Chef, from Zurich to Crissier

Patience and Virtuosity

Stars, the firmament of the profession.
They are what you dream of when you first start out, because they are worshipped by the profession.  
And when there are three of them, they are a constant worry, and have to be served and deserved at all times.  
This stellar triangle is the symbol of the ultimate achievement, the honour.
A constellation of joy.

Dreaming a taste

Designing a dish means dreaming a taste.
A perfect marriage, a rare gem only slightly transformed and enhanced by ideas and gestures.

A creation is only right if you feel right.
A dish is a reflection of how I feel, of my life at a given time.  
It can remain, for a long time.
If the moment is right.

Souvenir of Crissier

From dawn to dawn, without respite, the pace is relentless.
The excellence of the supplier, the product, the inspiration, the technique.
The unwavering excellence of a team for whom errors are not allowed, a team managed with an iron fist in order to ensure deliciously smooth flavours.